About Medsource Hub

MedSourceHub is a centralised marketplace platform that facilitates the sourcing and distribution of medical supplies that are related to COVID-19.

We currently work directly with suppliers and buyers globally to enable awareness of supply and demand as well as simplified transactions for both by reducing challenges of discovery, language barriers, long negotiation periods and cumbersome shipping logistics.

Due to the current market situation, trusted medical supplies with verifiable certification and at transparent pricing are difficult to come by, and MedSourceHub aims to diminish these barriers by pre-vetting suppliers and products listed on MedSourceHub’s marketplace. 

MedSouceHub marketplace platform focuses on medical consumables, equipment and COVID test kits, primarily targeting the private-sector organisations, hospitals and non-governmental organisations with smaller quantity demand needs.

MedSourceHub is brought to you by Universal Health Coverage Digital Marketplace (UHC-DM), a partnership between Sovereign Sustainability and Development (SSD) and Arcadier. MedSourceHub is managed by Arcadier (www.arcadier.com), a Singapore-headquartered and award-winning online marketplace technology provider, which offers marketplace platform solutions. Arcadier has enabled the creation of 10,000+ marketplaces in over 170 countries, with 320+ monthly signups. SSD (www.ssdhub.org) is the secretariat of the G20 Global Health and Development Partnership, an advocacy organisation that aims to ensure that G20 countries are coordinating their health innovation strategy to tackle the growing burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases globally. SSD provides expertise in the sustainable development field. 

MedSourceHub aims to ensure a certain level of supplier security, from company legitimacy to financial ability. Currently, our suppliers include Fortune 500 companies and come from countries such as Singapore, China and Indonesia amongst others. All suppliers on MedSourceHub go through a risk-based screening and due diligence process before they are listed on the marketplace. This includes company registration verification, director investigations, anti-slavery compliance, checks against global sanctions list and product certification verification.

If you have any enquiries regarding MedSourceHub, please reach out to us at info@medsourcehub.com.

About Arcadier

Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace builder and is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace technology with users from more than 170 countries. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by senior PayPal executives, it has offices in 5 countries including Singapore (HQ), Australia, Philippines and most recently the United States and the United Kingdom. Arcadier enables Large Enterprises, SMBs, Governments and Start-Ups to build their own white-labelled marketplaces efficiently and cost-effectively. Arcadier’s platform supports various eCommerce models including B2B, B2C, P2P, Service & Rental across industry verticals such as retail, consumer goods, commodities, wholesale, manufacturing and services. Recently Arcadier launched its Arcadier Enterprise offering focused on enabling large corporations and multi-brand retailers to create complex marketplace experiences for their businesses.

About Sovereign Sustainability and Development
Sovereign Sustainability and Development (SSD) is a UK private limited company that was created in late 2017 to act as the convener and secretariat of the G20 Global Health and Development Partnership. Following consultation with a number of key stakeholders and confirmation from the Government of Argentina that health would remain a focus of the G20 under its Presidency in 2018, Sovereign Strategy – the organisation that had provided secretarial pro-bono support to the Partnership in 2017 – created a sister company to provide comprehensive management of the Partnership during its consequential phase and to reflect the increasing focus of its mandate and expertise in the sustainable development field.