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Isolation Gown
USD $32.20
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<p><strong>Fabric:</strong>&nbsp;Made of non-woven cloth. Polyethylene film composite and polypropylene non-woven fabrics are the main components, which are then cut and sewn.</p> <p><strong>Area of usage</strong>: For medical professionals who are exposed to potentially infectious substances such as blood, liquid, or excretions of infected patients. The product is meant to protect and create a barrier of segregation.</p> <p><strong>Size/Specifications</strong>: Unisex. S(160), M(165), L(170), XL(175), XXL(180), XXXL(185)</p> <p><strong>To take note</strong>:&nbsp;</p> <ol> <li>If the packaging of sterilized-grade products is damaged or unsealed before packing, it cannot be used</li> <li>Product is meant for single-use only. Do not use it for the second time</li> <li>Product is flammable</li> </ol>
Qualifications & Certificates: Qualifications & Certificates.pdf pdf-icon
Minimum Order Quantity: 50000
Certification Validity : CE Certification Verification Pending
Country of Origin: China
Incoterms Price: Ex-Works (Ex-Factory)
Currency / Unit: RMB / piece
More Information:
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