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Medical Mask (3-ply)
USD $0.37
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<p>3-ply</p> <p>22g PP Hydrophillic Nonwoven inside</p> <p>22g PP Hydrophillic Nonwoven outside</p> <p>25g Polypropylene Nonwoven Filter</p>
Qualifications & Certificates: Qualifications & Certificates.pdf pdf-icon
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000000
Certification Validity : CE Certification Verified, China National Products Administration Certification Verified, FDA Certification Verified
Country of Origin: China
Production Lead Time: Immediate
Incoterms Price: Ex-Works (Ex-Factory)
Currency / Unit: USD / piece
Pack Size: 50 pieces/ Box
Carton Size (Units): 1 carton (40 boxes)
Carton Dimensions: 510*390*403mm
More Information:
<p><img alt="" src="https://api.arcadier.com/assets/documents/MedSourceHub/GaoFeng%20Medical%20Mask%201.png" style="height:1035px; width:800px" /><img alt="" src="https://api.arcadier.com/assets/documents/MedSourceHub/GaoFeng%20Medical%20Mask%202.png" style="height:310px; width:800px" /></p>

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