Supplier 2

Supplier 2 is a limited liability company established under the modern enterprise system in China, with multiple equity-holders, among which Supplier 1 is the holding company. Supported by the solid strength and high-tech background of the China aerospace industry, Supplier 2 has integrated resources in economic cooperation and foreign trade, featuring in providing customers with comprehensive solutions, oriented in international cooperation on aerospace defense, equipment manufacture, and information technology. The corporation's core business covers import & export of aerospace products and technologies, the export of complete equipment, overall contracting of international engineering projects, resources trade, international economic and technical cooperation, and general trading business. Supplier 2 then aims to be the top-performing enterprise with international competitive strength in internationalized operations, becoming an internationally influential system integrator of aerospace products and technology, the main contractor of international engineering projects, an importer of resources, as well as a transnational business operator.