Supplier 4

Established in the Year 2001, Supplier 4 has been engaging in the research, production, and sale of rare medicinal herbs and health foods for more than 10 years. With a total of 280 employees focused on innovation and R&D, they offer a wide range of good quality and reasonably priced products that are well recognized and trusted by customers, and extensively used in the Stone industry and Building Material industry. Examples of such products are medicinal herbs like ginseng, officinal dendrobium, longan paste, compound amino acid, and healthy food like herbal teas, herbal drinks, and candies. The company has grown into the industry's top brand, playing a key role in many major science and technology projects that are of state, provincial, and municipal levels. Not only did Supplier 4 cooperated with esteemed organizations, such as Xiamen University, ARO from Israel, but they also have an extensive facility to aid their mission of being successful in the China market, aiming for further and beyond. Their facilities include 31,000 sqm modern workshops, five GMP compliant product lines, 4,500sq.m. sterile tissue cultured seedling center, 800,000sq.m. organic herbs cultivation base our team.