Supplier 3

Supplier 3 has established a strong foothold across ASEAN, both in terms of business size today, as well as for the future. The company encapsulates tremendous potential, with significant opportunities to drive penetration and increase consumption across core categories. This is given that their key priority revolves around building strong local talent, with a particular focus on fostering diversity and inclusion. Moreover, they are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to add and diversify their portfolio with more superior quality products at affordable prices. With a unique multi-local operating model, founded on values-based partnering and operational autonomy, it offers supplier 3 distinctive advantages. They are then able to drive local agility and tailored innovations, while tapping into backend synergies, and leverage common insights across our global business. With an established foundation, Supplier 3's flagship brands include - HIT in household insecticides, Stella in air fresheners, and Mitu in baby tissues and baby care. These brands are market leaders in their respective categories. Their portfolio also includes consumer favorites like Jordan, Incecto Naturals, Summer's eve, Twin Lotus, English Blazer, and more.