Supplier 11

Supplier 11 is a medical company headquartered in China that focuses on the healthcare sector. The Company was established in 1998 and mainly designs, manufactures and distributes ventilators and additional medical equipment. Several achievements include the development of a series of special air-controlled ventilators for hyperbaric oxygen chambers and multi-parameter pressure monitors (applicable to the environment of high-pressure oxygen cabins) and QS-2000C high-pressure oxygen cabin air-controlled ventilators. These devices allowed both the atmospheric environment and hyperbaric oxygen chamber environment to be used and won the second prize for the scientific and technological achievements in 2004 for the "development and application research of high-pressure oxygen chamber ventilator for patients with severe combat trauma". In addition, the company also specializes in the production of pneumatic first-aid ventilators. Company 11’s production of products strictly operates in accordance with international ISO9001 quality requirements and the production procedures of aerospace products to ensure product quality. Their products are widely used in domestically in China, but they are also experienced with international trade deals across the world and have even exported to Brunei and Africa. Company 11 ensures a reliable technical guarantee and good after-sales service so that their customers are free from worries.